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活本 Live Book

Live Book

God "created" a great son
The son has being nourished boundless posterities
Till all human beings have become His children

In heaven we will meet
-- Sheng Zhao


The horizon due to the putrefaction of the earth quietly evanishes away
The great fatherless child is left

In the sanctity of a lamb

Eulogize the nature and observe the night

And all the stars bow their heads... ...


Eternal flames

Read you, I once again

The dark sanguineous evening

The world has given birth to such
A batch of great affectionates

All through the night they fight for mankind
Owning feelings in the first place

Not the poetry for dedication

But Blood
Not the languages for sale
But the soul

We are able to identify --
He (she) is a great poet
So generous to the release of blood
Following the example of all things on earth
Force ...


Vigorous bones

Superior winds

Unique elegance

A particularity was merged

In the watering world


In the waving sea

Up setting

The flag

The son growing up in the raging flames
Filial son of life ... ...

Sits on the ruins of the soul, the sage

Any conceptive ideas seem thus mediocre

Slow, as in death

High the spirit is, and easy to be crumbled

With all (Overview) the eternity

Or ready for rebirth

Making another contribution of the flaming

... ... ...


The sky dyed with the bloody rain

Surrounding with the erosion

Still sit in a graceful posture

To the sky express the emotion fully

This respectable old man

Facing the sea reads lyrically

His grey hair is as white as the snow in cold north

But this juvenile so naive

Pays tribute in the ideals and piety

Like young fairs

Drifts freely to the United States--

Genius is among us

But its a shame we cannot recognize him

From her dream the music flies away

Life is streaming ...

Golden light shines against the land of hope

Enclothed silently but a great idea

The wills are very luxurious

Peaceful in death

Eternal sleepers

And immortal light

Sitting on the surface of the Earth

View the core of the human beings

Independent and virtuous sky

Cities in motion and rush

I dont know the parameters of the fate

In this world if I can read the glory of the Kingdom of Heaven ...

I would like to say in that fragrant March

Fantasy is my place

Where I casually and elegantly let go with my youth

And with the wisdom of the sword

Life is like flower
Ideal, and rock

Proud face goes bright

Music-like temperament

This group of people

Lying in the fragrant night

Enjoy the bright stars

Steal the fire from the Dream Land

Fling off the worthless happiness
Devote into the sufferings

The world with great joy by birth ...

Read of the broad blue sky

Read of the depth of the sea

Read of the green hope

Whom shall we leave behind?

... ... ...

The world goes on slumbering ... ...


Folder in the arms of the cold

Thinking of a sad thing

But still smiling

The smile full of charm

Soul as quiet as water

But blood gives it micro examination in flames

Gravels beneath the feet

Have also evolved into

Life --


Where it was a better safe shelter

Where it was the birthplace of the spirit


There is an old story

Gold-plated by the artists

Make it into a drama

The world needs the stage and applause ... ...


In a dead dark night

Some bloody poems

Mounted to the earth's skin

Taking a firm hold on the great desire

Discarding the smallest amount of evils

Thingsre repeated in the hideous face

A goodman can do nothing ...

Uncover the bloodstained garment of the lonely

Listen to the true meaning(crying) of the conscience

Nothing surprising the world has lost to all feelings

Laugh represents a force

Like expression of silence

Many people deep in love

Plant in heart a strange laugh ...

With wine glasses, oil lamps and imprecation


Where he met the terrible red

A great soul was crying

To track the life fleeting

Carrying heavy load, he

Goes to the destination

With no one on the way in company ...

Come with me

Freedom settles on the peak of my life

I subject to nothing

God of Nature ----

Love loitered into every open pore

Recounting with eyes

Let me go

For the everlasting love

For the everlasting memory

- --For the forgotten memento

Autumn is bleak

The benevolent expresses his emotions

Rather in tragedy

Than lie in the song of praise

Those saints who quit commandments

Legislate at harmony

The genius who pursues virtues

Living by creation ...


Listen to the voice of prayers

The world's like a dream ...

Rationality constantly bounds

And the soul expands its wings

Love flies with dream ...

All declarations of Love

Casts off shackles of all fetters

And all undirected things in the world

Smiles blossom more on the vague land

Real faces are ugly

Truth allows no explanation

Conscience is in terror

And forms of evils euphemistic and touching

Philosophy is a bottomless abyss ----


People talk about the center of the world

But in the center of the world ----

There always in need of a class of people

The world surrounded by water

And never roots in any theory

Men of ideals and integrity buried with night

Nicety crosses the century

And you will be the deluxe memorial

Bearing in mind by the people

---- After so many years

Sung on and on

The very




Embrace the sun
Marry the misfortune ...

Winter begins to long for

Before the eyes passes the most beautiful scene

All things ----

As white as snow

Butterflies in their flight

Angels come in hazy images

The earth sings in the drunkenness ...

Give me a hand

Touch the image of the paradise

And give me a kind of power

To traverse east and west ----

I am the king mad in love ...


Moonlight, cliffs, and unfathomable lakes

What is the glory in the Land of Promise

People who believe in the doctrine of predestination are crying

Those who understand the eternal

End their life --

Extremely early

Nothing but the tragedy that touches the people

Nothing goes deeper into people's minds than love

Mankind moves on in cycles ...


Looking up to the sacred light

Frame the theory of superman

Listen carefully to the sheep fold

There again appear charming smiling dimples

The living creatures inhabited in the land

Pick the roses in the Heaven

Receive the sacred fruit of love

Mellow wine ----

Long live Christ ...

圣兆(Sheng Zhao) 于北京 90.10.21
Shengzhao (
圣兆) Beijing 90.10.21

Translated by Wang Rencai

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