Sheng Zhao's writings? 圣兆的作品   Écrits de Sheng Zhao

Sheng Zhao starving for culture and beauty, in the aftermaths of the "cultural revolution", entered the world of the great classics of world literature such as Austen,Stendhal,Flaubert, Hugo, Maupassant,Gogol,Tolstoy, Gorkij and the poet she came to admire the most, Baudelaire, through the excellent translation by Ya Ding.

    Read her most touching and beautiful poem Huoben by clicking on this link for Chinese and this link for the English translation by Wang Rencai..

    Here the piece on the murder of Swedish Foreign Minister Mrs Anna Lindh on September 11, 2003 published in many webmagazines such as Tangben. Read here (Traditional Chinese).Use the Back function to return to this page. Note that for this article you will have to allow ActiveX Controls and this is the case for a number of writings since they were created with these controls activated.

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